Pakistan National Shipping corporation (PNSC)

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The national flag carrier of Pakistan, trading under the name of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) is engaged in transportation of dry bulk and liquid cargoes globally. Our Management offices are located in Karachi, Pakistan and we are listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange since 1980. PNSC is an autonomous corporation, which functions under the overall control of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Government of Pakistan. It manages a fleet of 12 ships, real estate and a repair workshop. Our fleet is a mix of double hull Aframax tankers, LR-1 Product tankers, Panmax bulk carriers, Supramax, Handymax and Handysize bulk carriers, all of modern vintage, having a total carrying capacity of 938,876 tonnes of deadweight. We transport all type of cargoes on several geographical routes covering almost entire world. Our Handymax and Handysize dry bulk carriers carry iron and steel products, fertilizers, minerals, forest products, ores, bauxite, alumina, cement and other construction materials. Our Panamax dry bulk carriers carry coal and iron ore for energy and steel production as well as grain for feedstocks. Our vessels contribute to worldwide sea borne trade in a multitude of trade routes and carry wide range of cargoes for a number of traders and chartereres of international repute. Our vessels are being operated by highly qualified and competent professionals. We are focused on maximizing shareholder value by maximizing returns on our investments and it is our endeavour to best serve the interests of stakeholders while at the same time ensuring our vessels adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards.

Subsidiary Companies

PNSC has following subsidiary companies:


1.     Bolan Shipping (Private) Limited

2.     Chitral Shipping (Private) Limited

3.     Hyderabad Shipping (Private) Limited

4.     Pakistan Marine and Shipping Services Company (Private) Limited[Formerly Islamabad Shipping (Private) Limited]

5.     Khairpur Shipping (Private) Limited

6.     Johar Shipping (Private) Limited

7.     Lalazar Shipping (Private) Limited

8.     Makran Shipping (Private) Limited

9.     Malakand Shipping (Private) Limited

10.   Multan Shipping (Private) Limited

11.   Sargodha Shipping (Private) Limited

12.   Shalamar Shipping (Private) Limited

13.   Sibi Shipping (Private) Limited

14.   Swat Shipping (Private) Limited

15.   National Ship Management and Crewing (Private) Limited [ Formerly Kaghan Shipping (Private) Limited ]

16.   Pakistan Co-operative Ship Stores (Private) Limited

17.   Lahore Shipping (Private) Limited [ Formerly Pak Nippon Car liner (Private) Limited ]

18.   Karachi Shipping (Private) Limited [ Formerly National Tanker Company (Private) Limited ]

19.   Quetta Shipping (Private) Limited

PNSC Fleet
Corporation manages the following fleet

a.Aframax Tankers 05
b.LR-1 Product Tankers 02
c.Bulk Carrier05

Total 12

Dead Weight Tonnage

938,876 DWT


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