General Manager Solicitation Engagement & Evaluation Department

April 17, 2023

Job Description


Ignite funds startups and innovative projects that utilize fourth industrial wave tech to solve local problems and to target global opportunities in health, energy, agriculture, telecom, finance and other verticals. GM SEED will be responsible for planning and executing solicited and unsolicited innovation projects in different verticals.

Remuneration/ Benefits:

Contract basis, market competitive salary, car monetization, medical and other facilities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:


Developing Proposal solicitation and evaluation strategies;

Provide the services of research, prospect identification, proposal design, evaluation and solicitation strategies;

Design a conceptual framework to help evaluators assess the extent to which the project generally supports the broad policy objectives;

Identification of theme and project definition;

Identify, develop and maintain themes and project definitions for consideration by the Board. Define projects corresponding to theme.
Monitoring review process

Research, review, evaluate and edit proposals developed by principal investigators.

Create an external review panel for external evaluation of proposals, depending on the funding activity in progress.
Coordinating with other departments

Work closely with other departments to ensure timely involvement of research bodies and principal investigators, disbursement of funds, effective monitoring, publishing of results and beneficial commercialization.

Approval on technical proposals

Analyze evaluation results synthesized by evaluation managers. Assess their implications for R&D Fund program performance.
Ensuring adherence to policies and procedures

Monitor the day-to-day operations to ensure that the department is meeting goals and objectives, is following policies and procedures and is adhering to deadlines, takes corrective action as appropriate.