April 17, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


The Pakistan National Shipping Corporation “PNSC” Group of companies, as the National Flag Carrier undertakes global shipping operations. PNSC requires high caliber and result oriented professionals for the positions of::


Job description:


Ensuring that ships are maintained accordingly to international regulations and complying with all company procedures.
Ensuring that statutory and classification surveys for all plants and equipment on fleet ships are carried out.
Control of assigned budgets.
Participating in Safety Management System Review Meetings.
Investigating major machinery failures and any resulting insurance claims.
Dealing with non-conformities covering technical procedures of the S.M.S both ashore and afloat.
Ensuring that the ships are maintained in efficient operating condition, and all statutory and classification requirements for unrestricted operation of the ships are fulfilled.
Monitoring and Developing planned maintenance system for the ships and ensure that this is followed by the ships and improve where found necessary.
Keeping a constant check on technical performance of the ships and ensure that all records and documents are maintained in proper order in accordance with a uniform system for all the ships.
Checking the technical reports received from the ship, analyse and take necessary corrective action.
To ensure that Electric / Electronic installations, Navigational aids, communication equipment, automotive and remote control devices on board PNSC vessels are maintained in proper working order.
Ensuring that all the stores and spares are maintained properly and correctly recorded. To check the indents for stores and machinery spares from the ships and follow-up with stores and supply department to ensure that the approved quantities are delivered to the ship in time.
To compile the list of repairs, with full specifications of each item to be attended during dry docking of the ship, pass these on to the technical services section well in time for finalizing the dry docking specification, and calling the tenders and deciding the shipyard where the vessel is to be dry docked (Refer to Section 11.4 of CPM).
To attend dry docking of the ship to ensure that all the work is carried out expeditiously and correctly. Suggesting to technical services section alterations and additions to ship machinery and equipment where considered necessary.
To prepare preliminary budget estimates for the cost of repairs and maintenance of the ships under his control and co-ordinate for stores and supply department in preparation of budget estimates for the supply of stores and spares. To finalize all the budget estimates in co-ordination with the fleet management department.
To ensure that the expenditure is controlled within the approved budget and furnish monthly statements of the expenditure to the Fleet Management Department.
To keep watch on developments relating to national and international safety regulation. Ensuring that all relevant requirement of SOLAS and MARPOL are met by the ships and shipboard safety Organization effectively.
To ensure that relevant SMS Files are maintained as per SMS document filing record.
Monitoring and evaluating the performance of Masters, Chief Officers and other deck Officers and ratings onboard, reporting accordingly to Fleet Manager/General Manager.
To provide consultation / feedback to the office regarding the development of instructions and procedures covering office and Vessel operations.
Current position will offer the opportunity to the candidate to work in a team driven environment, develop his/her leadership skills and expand his/her knowledge on ship’s overall management and operation apart from the technical aspect.