April 17, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


The Pakistan National Shipping Corporation “PNSC” Group of companies, as the National Flag Carrier undertakes global shipping operations. PNSC requires high caliber and result oriented professionals for the positions of::



Job description:


Pakistan National Shipping Corporation seeks to employ a full-time Fleet Superintendent, who will be responsible for a fleet of crude/product Tankers (Aframax/LR-1) and Bulk Carriers.
The promotion of Company’s Safety Management System (SMS) Policies and culture on board vessels.
Demonstrating his commitment to safety and environmental excellence, by his behavior.
Inspecting vessels in port and en-route in respect to safety, navigational, cargo operational and environmental protection matters as per SMS requirements and reporting all findings to the Company whilst taking corrective steps for urgent matters.
Performing internal audits, sailing visits and pre-vetting when required.
Performing navigational, cargo and mooring audits and keep records as per company’s standards. Findings to be categorized and trends to be identified.
Prepares inspection report outlining observations and defects found on board inspected vessels.
Monitor Survey cycles, statutory survey requirements and plan to have surveys executed timely. Maintained validity of statutory certificates, surveys/inspections by advance planning.
Liaise with Flag state, Class and other authorities in matters relating to safe navigation and operation of ships.
Close monitoring and follow up of vessel’s maintenance status.
Review and approval of all deck stores and paints requisitions.
Ensure that all vessels are supplied with proper mooring wires and ropes as per Company’s standards.
Maintain and promote navigational standards on board vessels.
Arrange supply/renewal and proper certification of all safety, LSA and FFA. Maintenance of safety-related equipment and keeping of proper operational records.
Supervising vessel’s commercial operations (tank cleaning, loading and discharging) in port and enroute; ensuring efficient and safe use of the equipment and compliance of the vessel with her commercial obligations.
Checking Loading / Discharging / Ballasting plans and procedures, COW and Passage plans and all other operation-related forms.
Checking the navigational operations on board Company vessels including updating nautical charts, publications and corrections.
Issuing visit reports that include his remarks on the vessel’s condition, personnel (including level of cooperation) and equipment; makes recommendations for rectification of deficiencies or improvements to the existing situation.
Verification that safe working practices are followed in accordance to industry standards, current regulations and the SMS.
Prepare financial budgets for maintenance, repairs, stores, modifications and dry-dockings of the vessels.
Responsible for cost control on ship management budget and explaining to management any significant deviations from budgets.
Advising DPA on SMS issues that require revision/improvement.
Investigation accidents, incidents and serious near misses.
Monitoring and evaluating the performance of Masters, Chief Officers and other deck Officers and ratings onboard, reporting accordingly to Fleet Manager/General Manager.
To provide consultation / feedback to the office regarding the development of instructions and procedures covering office and Vessel operations.
Current position will offer the opportunity to the candidate to work in a team driven environment, develop his/her leadership skills and expand his/her knowledge on ship’s overall management and operation apart from the technical aspect.