“Punjab Cities Program (PCP) “

April 15, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

• Be overall responsible for development of appropriate content for PSPA’s communication needs and objectives
• Acquire full familiarization with the PSPA mandate, structure and activities including all government and donor funded programmes and their specific communication needs and requirements.

• Design and develop a comprehensive social media strategy for promotion of PSPA’s initiatives across different medium in an efficient and effective manner.

• Conceptualize, research and advise on the latest trends in new technology industry standards, best practices and benchmarks based on expertise and available business intelligence, including new emerging digital platforms, to maximize strategic digital engagement in the content strategy implementation and post-launch optimization.

• Create and manage social media accounts including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other relevant platforms for PSPA, to achieve wider outreach. Push out regular messages about PSPA and its specific projects’ activities, showcasing successes and impacts.

• Develop and design the PHCIP webpage. Regularly update and improve its content.

• Research, interview, write, edit, proof-read and distribute content for electronic media and print communication;

• Create digital content involving audio and video material for posting on Social Media pages

• Ensure presence on any new emerging social platforms.

• Respond to questions on social media related to PSPA’s programs/activities after getting the requisite information from concerned officers.

• Report to management on progress and effectiveness of social media campaigns.

• Assist in integrating social media related performance data with the project dashboard/webpage.

• Develop and propose new concepts/ideas related to social media and submit for appraisal of the management.

• Gather & collect data/content from different wings at PSPA and produce informative and appealing content with technical support of graphics designer for propagation on social media platforms.

• Develop beneficiary’s success stories by visiting intervention areas and interacting with PSPA’s beneficiaries.

• Share stories and findings of impact studies on social media with the approval of management.

• Undertake measures to increase number of page followers, profile visitors, post impressions, traffic to PSPA’s website/social media pages.

• Engage staff in propagating social media content within their social circles through social media accounts.

• Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network.

• Perform any other task assigned by the competent authority in furtherance of PSPA mandate and objectives.