Deputy Director Database Administrator (Optimization)

April 4, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

• Work under the overall supervision and direction of Additional Director, IT infrastructure.
• Acquire full familiarization with the PSPA mandate, structure and activities including all government and donor funded programmes and their data requirements.
• Perform data analysis, based on requirements articulated by PSPA management and relevant wings, to capture data requirements for Unified Beneficiary Registry clearly, completely, and accurately while, at the same time, representing them in a formal and visual way through data models.
• Prepare/assist in development of System Requirement Specifications (SRS).
• Design and develop the required operational database procedures, ancillary processes as well as the hardware systems to ensure an effective and efficient continued operation of database environment.
• Assist in developing/suggesting policies and procedures for data security (such as strong passwords, two factor authentications, restricted data accessibility within controlled environment, CCTV monitoring), and data sharing mechanisms (e.g. emails/CD/USB etc.) including rules for approving/disapproving data requests and their compliances, maintaining log files and others associated functions.
• Provide database related essential support to other MIS staff and user wings in accordance with design requirements and implementation of application systems, database(s) and other data files. The support may include the use of data dictionaries, database, table designs, database modelling and development of technical procedures to support the application’s implementation process.
• Develop and implement disaster recovery policies/plans and procedures
• Design, install and maintain current databases.
• Perform routine data backups and restore functions.
• Perform a wide range of database administration functions such as configuring database tables, views, and stored procedures; running test queries; troubleshooting database problems; maintaining version control and proper security policies and procedures.
• Conduct periodic maintenance of database(s), tuning to optimize data management processes, perform load balancing, redundancy, fault tolerance and system optimization.
• Produce regular analytical reports on database performance to identity gaps and improve overall quality in terms of data reliability, data security and maintenance, including the use of periodic data backups and data restoration procedures.
• Provide lead support in the development of service level agreements (SLAs) for common needs, especially, cross government services (Like NADRA, PITB etc); ToRs/Requirement Specifications for procurement of IT equipment and technical software development.
• Participate in technical pre-bid and negotiation meetings, as well as manage IT related contracts. Maintain software licensing and maintenance agreements.
• Perform any other task assigned by CEO PSPA and /or Additional Director IT Infrastructure in furtherance of PSPA mandate and objectives.