Field Officer

April 4, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Description
Job Responsibilities
• Manage field office/s in respective districts & tehsils, if desired by the management and ensure their visibility for target audiences through use of appropriate means of communication tools such as sign boards, banners, posters etc.
• Follow protocols for office management under the guidance and support of the Program officer at PSPA
• With support and coordination of PHCIP-PSPA office at Lahore, equip office with necessary supplies, IEC material and other requisites needed for smooth functioning of the office.
• Work as a principal support staff with Additional Director Field Operations, PHCIP to assist in whole range of program  management functions including coordination, implementation, monitoring, and quality assessment of activities at the field level for the PHCIP in particular, and PSPA’s interventions in general.
• Manage day to day activities and administration of the project activities at district and local level.
• Represent PHCIP team in District Coordination Committees (DCC) meetings and other local level coordination meetings.
• Liaise with implementing partners and field offices of Implementing Agencies (Health and Educations Departments), the District Coordination Committees, and any consulting firms contracted under the project, in respective districts to keep abreast of progress of the project interventions.
• Work closely with PHCIP Project Directorate and the M&E Operational Review firm hired under the project to ensure careful monitoring of project operations.
• Manage relationships with relevant stakeholders/partner organizations including, Government departments at local levels, project beneficiaries, community and local organizations etc.
• Identify project implementation bottlenecks and conflicts at the field level, communicate these to the project management, and take appropriate measures in consultation with the management.
• Support Grievance Redressal Mechanism as per the guidelines provided in the Operations Manual with focus to ensure complaints are recorded, reported and resolved, and also assist in ongoing review of GRM
• Attend and/or deliver/participate in training events conducted on PHCIP/other local level initiatives of PSPA.
• Develop district level Monthly/Quarterly Work Plans with clear indication of list of activities and milestones to be achieved.
• Prepare progress reports on a monthly basis, or more frequently, as desired by the management.
• Ensure dissemination of IEC and publicity material at the district and tehsil level.
• Travel regularly to partner districts or PSPA HQ for individual meetings, events and project related activities/trainings.
• Undertake random field visits to project sites to oversee/facilitate project activities.
• Accompany PHCIP-PSPA staff to project sites during their field visits.
• Maintain proper record of IEC and publicity material before and after its dissemination and distribution.
• Maintain project documents, progress and monitoring reports, photographs, emails and other official letters for reference.
• Perform any other tasks assigned by the management.